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Offering an automated bill validation service helps ensure your customers only pay for the energy they use whilst generating additional revenue for you.

Bill validation is becoming more crucial to your clients. They trust you to make sure that they are getting the best energy deal for their business; so why shouldn’t you add even more value by checking their bills for them and ensuring that they are only paying for the energy they use?

The best bit is that it’s fully automated so that you can provide bill validation to your customers without increasing your workload! Our validation software downloads and validates energy bills on receipt, doing a complete recalculation using the contracted tariff details, VAT and CCL values.

Our validation service enables you to expand the existing services that you offer, whilst allowing you to generate revenue by charging for it plus it ensures that your customers are only paying for the energy they use, at the cost they agreed.


Example Bill Validation Screen


  • Automated bill validation on receipt of new bill
  • Validation through full bill recalculation
  • Recalculation using contracted tariff details
  • CCL & VAT validation against site/building use
  • Bill consumption data compared to customer meter readings or actual readings where available
  • Monthly bill validation summary


  • Advise customers when thay have been overcharged and help them get refunds
  • Ensuring your customers have only been charged for what they have used. On the tariff agreed and that bills are based on property type and level of consumption. Giving them peace of mind and helping you retain customer loyalty
  • Make sure your customer only pays for what they use
  • Accurate, easy to understand report, that can be shared with your customers, helping to add value to your services

Optional Upgrades

Customer utility portal

  • All utility information in one place
  • Accessible 24/7 via your web browser
  • Multi-site, multi-utility data management
  • Contract information easily accessible
  • Daily check for new bills & automatic import
  • Automatic notification of new bills & end of contract approaching
  • Submit manual meter reads & compare to billed estimates
  • Continuous history regardless of supplier switching
  • Monthly energy consumption profiles

Energy analytics

  • Gain a deeper insight by adding half-hourly data
  • Detailed energy use profiles
  • Detailed tariff information
  • Multi meter analysis
  • Cost centre analysis
  • Scheduled report distribution
  • Automated alarms

Tenant billing/recharging

  • Suitable for commercial and residential tenants
  • Automatic meter reading and bill generation
  • Billing app to take manual meter readings
  • Monthly or quarterly bills available
  • All utilities covered

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