go from Utility Chaos
to Net Zero

...with just ONE platform

EnergyLogix Enterprise is a modular energy management platform designed to support you wherever you are on your energy and carbon reduction journey.
With rapidly rising energy prices and increasing global temperatures, taking control of utility consumption and costs has never been more important. That's why at EnergyLogix, we've built a single, easy-to-use energy management platform that helps enterprises of all sizes go from Utility Chaos to Net Zero.

Utility Data Management

Avoid Utility Chaos by automatically collecting invoices, tariff information and meter data from all your utility suppliers – keeping it all in one place

Invoice Validation

Our automated processes perform a complete recalculation of the bill, checking details such as VAT rates and the de minimis rule to ensure you're never overcharged

Energy Reporting

Use meter data from across your estate (inc. electricity, gas, heat, water, etc.) to generate easy-to-understand consumption profiles and cost reports

Energy Analytics

Take your energy management a step further, allowing you to gain an even deeper understanding of consumption and quickly react to your energy consumption patterns

Carbon Reporting

Giving you the tools you need to set the targets that will take you towards Net Zero and track your performance against these targets

For Multi-Site Enterprises

A modular utility data and energy management platform optimised for multi-site enterprises; providing the tools you need to set the targets that will take you to Net Zero and track your performance against those targets.

For Brokers & Consultants

A fully branded suite of tools and services to help brokers and consultants deliver valuable energy services to their clients, creating new revenue streams while differentiating themselves in a competitive market.

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