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Bill Validation

An accurate bill validation service to ensure that your customers are only paying for the energy they use.

  Bill validation is a service that more and more clients are looking for. Traditional checking methods are a slow and laborious taking days to validate all the bills of a large estate. Our automated service saves both time and money.

Widely accepted industry figures suggest that between 3% and 5% of utility bills are incorrect, meaning customers are being overcharged on a regular basis. Our billing system will help identify these overcharges and enable you to claim back money that rightfully belongs to your clients.

Our service not only validates energy bills on receipt, it does it through a complete recalculation, using the contracted tariff details. Ensuring both consumption and costs are calculated correctly, highlighting any discrepancies.

Validates VAT and CCL value against building type

 Consumption data compared to customer meter readings

 Compares to 1/2 hourly meter data if available

 Variance reporting and analysis

 Highlights estimates

 Identify invoicing and accrual

Validates gas, electricity and water bills

Example Bill Validation Screen

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