Enterprise Energy Management

Simplified Utility Management plus all the tools you need to drive your progress towards Net Zero – in just ONE platform 

  Rapidly rising energy prices and growing social expectations for large enterprises to work towards a Net Zero future, means taking control of utility consumption and costs has never been more important.

At EnergyLogix, we’ve been working hard to deliver a single, easy to use energy management platform that can help enterprises wherever they are on the energy and carbon reduction journey.

‘EnergyLogix Enterprise’ is a modular energy managment platform that has been optimised for multi-site enterprises, helping to eliminate the ‘utility chaos’ that plagues many larger enterprises and provide a solid foundation on which to build and track your Net Zero action plan.

Some of the benefits you can gain include:

  • simplified utility management by keep all your utility bills and information in one, easily accesible location
  • invoice validation to ensure that you have been charged correctly for the utilities you have used
  • detailed utility and carbon reporting enabling you to monitor cost, kWh and compare days,weeks months and years
  • identify & track the performance of energy savings projects. Quickly identify and respond to utility consumption changes with energy analytics

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