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Simple, effective tenant utility invoicing and management for commercial landlords and managing agents, designed to making life easier.


 When you’re running a commercial estate or portfolio, its essential that all of the information that you work with is accurate and easy to utilise. This is especially true when it comes to things that cost money, like utilities.

Our services help you recover the correct utility costs from your tenants with an invoice generation service that is “done for you”! This will ensure that tenants have invoices in a timely manner even if the bills are produced from manual meter readings.

This, however, is just one element of our service, which also includes:                      

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – we can upgrade/replace “dumb” meters to enable automatic meter readings. This will save time and manpower and ultimately money
  • Supplier Invoice Validation – our validation software downloads your energy bills from your supplier and validates them on receipt. It performs a complete recalculation using the contracted tariff details, VAT and CCL values.
  • Landlord Reporting Portal – see at a glance the utility spend for each of your properties with instant access to supplier energy invoices. The revenue recovery reports show how much of your cost has been recovered from your tenants and also highlights the amount of unrecoverable costs from communal areas.

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