Prepayment Energy Meters

A modern energy prepayment meter solution, simple to use for both residential tenants and

landlords alike.

  While, prepayment energy meters have always had the potential to be the ‘ideal’, low maintenance solution for residential landlords, unfortunately, in practice the traditional use of coins, tokens, keys or cards have brought with them their own problems – often resulting in fraud or lost revenue.

Working with our partner ‘MeterPay’ and using the proven Iskra ME382 smart prepayment  meter, we are delighted to offer a modern alternative that overcomes all of the problems associated with existing prepayment options.

Using a prepayment meter with ‘MeterPay’ installed, tenants simply purchase their energy online through a secure payment website. Their credit is then instantly transferred to the meter via the GSM network. The revenue collected is then transferred to the landlord to cover the utility bill.


  • Secure online revenue collection
  • No cash, tokens, cards or keys to handle
  • MID approved hardware
  • Support ‘Dual Fuel’ with the optional ATEX approved Gas Pulse Sender
  • Optional emergency credit feature
  • Optional ‘In Home Display’ (IHD)
  • Manual top-up is support for emergency situations
  • All operational charges are recovered from the tenant

Benefits for Landlords:

  • Payments received directly into your nominated bank account
  • No interaction with the tenant required
  • Online access to billing history and energy consumption information
  • Low running costs – all recoverable from the tenant

Benefits for Tenants:

  • Top-ups made with Credit or Debit cards – no more cash or coins to deal with
  • Add credit at any time, from anywhere in the world!
  • Manual entry option in the event of a failed remote top-up
  • Usage data including consumption charts

Alternatively if you are looking for a billing solution that can create monthly or quarterly bills for your tenants, take a look at our Tenant Billing Solution

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