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Fully automated bill validation services that ensures you only pay for the energy you use at all of your properties. 



  Manually checking energy bills can be a time consuming, laborious process, which can be made worse when you have multiple site on differing tariffs. EnergyLogix’ bill validation service has been developed to simplify this process. 

Our validation software downloads your energy bills from your supplier and validates them on receipt. It performs a complete recalculation using the contracted tariff details, VAT and CCL values. Any discrepancies are highlighted enabling you to address the issue with your supplier. 


  • Know when any of your properties have been overcharged so you can get a refund 
  • Ensure you have only been charged for the energy your tenants have used. On the tariff agreed and that bills are based on property type and level of consumption. Giving you peace of mind 
  • Makes sure you only pay for what you use 
  • Accurate, easy to understand report automatically created for you. 


  • Automated bill validation on receipt of new bill 
  • Validation through full bill recalculation 
  • Recalculation using contracted tariff details 
  • CCL & VAT validation against site/building use 
  • Bill consumption data compared to meter readings or actual readings where available 
  • Monthly bill validation summary 

Example Bill Validation Screen

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