Energy Controls

Ensuring energy best practices are being followed across your business is an ongoing challenge for everyone. Thankfully automation can help!

  Changing user behaviour is the first step; energy awareness dashboards, user engagement campaigns and changes to operational processes all play a key role. But beyond that what can you do? … Automate! Modern energy controls can help reduce energy expenditure throughout your business.The most reliable way to ensure that best practices are followed day-in, day-out is to automate them. The ‘internet of things’ is driving down the cost of monitoring and control products and when we combine this with modern internet connectivity the cost of installation is reduced to a point where the cost-effective management of individual sockets and loads within the building is finally possible.

‘EnergyLogix Live’ seamlessly integrates control of your building and the assets within it, into the EnergyLogix energy monitoring platform – opening up new possibilities to automated energy management task for you.

Now you can continually optimise the use of asset use within your business and even link assets to the electricity grid operators, allowing them to turn off non-essential loads for a few minutes when the grid is most heavily loaded in return for a cash payment.

Automated energy controls can work as part of an estate management strategy, as a fix for a specific area of high energy use or when out of hours waste has been identified.

Contact us today to see how we can help implement modern energy controls in buildings and estates of all types and sizes, helping to save energy and generate additional revenue streams.

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