Estate Management

An Estate Energy Management solution that simply keeps all of your utility and energy information in one place.

  Managing energy across an estate can be very difficult due to varying ages of buildings, widespread geography and wide ranging types of equipment including IT. Finding the right estate wide energy management service is crucial to the day to day running of your business.

How much time and money does it cost trying gather and corrilate all the different sets of data that you have? Do you have to use valuable staffing hours getting someone to read your individual meters?

We’ve built tools to provide an estate wide energy management system that will help you save the time and effort and will give you the ability to monitor and manage all of your energy data from one simple and easy to use dashboard.

Some of the benefits you can gain include:

  • automatic report generation and distribution this means that you only have created your reports once, the system will do the rest!
  • automated alarm function includes multiple notification recipients  so that the relevant people are notified that there is an issue and be able to deal with it
  • multiple report templates enabling you to monitor cost, kWh and compare days,weeks months and years

The EnergyLogix Enterprise software used for estate wide energy management, is configured so that you can create cross site cost centres. This enables you to group things like lighting all together as well as including it in site reports. You can also create individual tariffs for each site which help in creating more accurate cost analysis.

EL Site View

EL Admin - Sites

EL Admin - Tariffs

EL Cost Centres

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