EnergyLogix Enterprise

An enterprise wide solution with optional modules to suit every type of business.

  EnergyLogix Enterprise takes the complex array of energy consumption information from across your business and makes it easier to explore and understand than ever before.

From showing you how much your global business has spent on lighting in the last hour, to how much energy goes into the manufacture of each of your products, EnergyLogix Enterprise can give you the answers.

EnergyLogix Enterprise can provide multiple levels of access, enabling visitors and staff to simply view how your company manages it’s energy, to full administrative interaction which allows you access for whole enterprise energy management through a single interface.

The EnergyLogix system is data and system agnostic so will work with your existing monitoring equipment (where networked or communication enabled) and metering systems meaning it can be layered quickly and easily onto existing equipment, saving thousands of pounds in the process as it removes the need for replacing existing equipment.



  • An operation-wide energy management platform
  • Manages multi-utility, environmental and building data
  • The software platform includes many applications including metering, sub metering, aM&T, dashboards and small power controls
  • A fully modular and scalable platform
  • Easy to use system that provides centralised management and localised administration for complete flexibility


  • Delivers up to 30% off the energy bill
  • Saves large amounts of time and money by rationalises management systems
  • Monitoring and control in the same platform for a complete end-to-end package
  • Centrally manage all of your buildings and assets to save energy, money and time
  • Can be tailor made to meet all of your varying building requirements

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