Manufacturing and Industrial

Helping to simplify the complex energy consumption data produced by modern

manufacturing and industrial environments.

Analysing energy use in manufacturing and industrial environments is a complex process. Often the sites are vast, across several locations and have numerous processes or production lines that all use a variety of energy sources. Finding out how much energy each area uses is not as simple as looking at a bill.How much time and effort does it take to gather all of the different energy data? How do you know where to apportion the cost and what happens when something goes wrong?

Helping you to meter your production work-space (gas, water, electricity, production consumables, renewable energy and others) gives you a complete overview of how efficiently your business is operating. After establishing baselines, irregular events can trigger operational alarms, notifying key personnel to potential issues and help quicker resolution times.

Here are some of the tools that will help the system work for you:

    • Single dashboard for multiple utility energy data saves many hours of administration time
    • Cost per unit reporting tool enabling you to understand the cost of energy consumed per unit manufactured and incorporate it into you Bill of Materials
    • Energy tariff reporting giving you accurate energy costing for every utility across every site over 24 hours
    • Automated report schedule ensuring that your reports are generated and distributed to the right people when you need them
    • Automated alarms reporting system giving immediate notification of energy limits to key personnel, enabling a quicker resolution time


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