Comprehensive Metering Services

Complete metering and sub metering solutions for all of your utilities; designed, installed and commissioned in order to providing accurate data for cost management and valuable insight into energy use.

  Knowing what equipment is needed in order to keep track of your energy use and give you the insight needed to make changes can be a daunting prospect. EnergyLogix energy metering services team can help to make the whole process a lot simpler.The main utility meter gives you how much energy you use but not by what or when. Therefore sub-metering is the answer. It enables you not only to see where and when energy is being used but helps identify where it is being wasted.

Sub-metering systems measure a wide variety of utilities including electricity, gas, water, heat, air and renewable generation, as well as temperature and humidity. The complete end-to-end metering and monitoring services package offered include sub-metering, data collection plus data validation and management, all tailored specifically to meet the needs of individual organisations. The solutions are designed to help with your businesses current requirements but are configured in a way that means you can add to it over time, enabling you to meet your businesses growing demands.

 Some of the benefit you’ll get through energy metering services are:

  • Better insight into energy use helping to identify potential savings
  • Speedy identification of exceptional events enabling potential issues to be averted
  • The benefit of using a single easy to understand dashboard keeping all your energy information in one place.
Our metering services team will help you decide the best solution for your business, whether it is industrial, estates management or if you are a consultant helping other businesses make the right decisions




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