Utility Information Management

An exciting utility information management system, transforming the way brokers interact with their customers.

 >  Switching energy and offering better tariffs is why your customers seek you out, giving them a great platform experience helps make them stay year after year; so you can accelerate business growth through customer retention. Offering an interactive platform which stays with your customer even when you’ve helped them switch suppliers, ensures continuity for your customer whilst subtly encouraging loyalty and retention. This all helps you to differentiate you in a competitive market. The EnergyLogix Utility Information Platform is ” Broker” branded and can include your contact details making it easier for your customers to get in touch. Dynamic bolt-ons give you the opportunity to increase your revenue and become a more crucial part of your customer’s business.

Example Platform Branding


  • Broker branded/white label customer utility portal
  • All customer bills and contract information in one place
  • Accessible 24 hours a day via your web browser
  • Multi-site, multi-utility data management
  • Contract information easily accessible
  • Automated, daily check for new bills & automatic import
  • Automatic notification of new bills & end of contract approaching
  • Submit manual meter reads & compare to billed estimates
  • Continuous history regardless of supplier switching
  • Monthly energy consumption profiles
  • Customer meter reading submission and management


  • Retain brand integrity and promote customer loyalty
  • Add value to your service by allowing your customers to have sight of all their bills on one platform
  • Give customers instant access to all their bills wherever they are
  • Improve customer retention by providing an easy to use branded energy portal
  • Allow your customers to see in advance when their contracts are due for renewal
  • Provide high value-add services with minimal direct labour input
  • Simplify the handling of manual meter readings from customers
  • Improve customer retention by helping your customers to keep all their historical billing information together even when you switch them to a cheaper supplier
  • Help your customers understand how their energy consumption changes throughout the year
  • Easily collect, manage and pass on customer meter readings to suppliers

Optional Upgrades

Invoice validation

  • Automatic validation of every new invoice
  • Validated by full invoice recalculation
  • Ensure correct tariff details used
  • CCL and VAT validated against site/building use
  • invoice consumption data compared to customer meter readings or actual readings where available
  • Monthly invoice validation summary reports

Energy analytics

  • Gain a deeper insight by adding half-hourly data
  • Detailed energy use profiles
  • Detailed tariff information
  • Multi meter analysis
  • Cost centre analysis
  • Scheduled report distribution
  • Automated alarms

Tenant billing/recharging

  • Suitable for commercial and residential tenants
  • Automatic meter reading and bill generation
  • Billing app to take manual meter readings
  • Monthly or quarterly bills available
  • All utilities covered

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