Consultants & Energy Service Partners

Providing a fully branded suite of tools and services to enable consultants and energy service providers deliver outstanding, market leading solutions within their own portfolio.  

 The SenseLogix service provides a multi layered solution designed to meet the needs of your customers, no matter how big or small they are, with specialist bolt on energy software modules, each designed to support the needs of different sectors, such as retail, manufacturing, education and leisure services etc.

Giving your customers a service that offers value for money and solves some of their energy headaches will put you head and shoulders above the competiton. It will also encourage customer loyalty because why would a customer move away to a competitor when you can give them accurate, manageable data on a platform that is simple to understand and easy to use.

By giving you a fully branded suite of energy management tools, SenseLogix offers you the opportunity to expand the services you offer whilst maintaining you own brands integrity.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Fully branded platform, keeping your brand in front of your customer
  • Submetering  service to enable you to offer more granular information – all compatible with your branded service.
  • Complete web based energy management data portal that will provide your customers with access to all of their energy data online and in one place.
  • Bespoke report creation enabling you to offer tailored reports on cost, kWh and consumption for your customers
  • Scheduled reporting enabling you to offer multiple customers a report generation service that once set up, runs itself
  • A tenant billing package
  • Diiferent levels of dashboard application ensuring there is something to fit all customer types

Customised partner branding

How can SenseLogix can help my business?

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