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Residential Landlords

Accurate, timely utility invoicing or pre-payment sub-meters significantly reduce the risk of being left with an unpaid tenant energy bill.


Being a residential landlord or managing agent isn’t an easy or straight forward job, so it is important to employ tools that make life easier and reduce the risk of unpaid tenant energy bills.

Our services put you in control of tenant utility cost recovery;  our modern pre-payment sub-meters allow your tenants to pay for their energy securely online and in advance, meaning that you will never be “out of pocket” for unpaid bills; or if you prefer, our tenant billing and revenue collection services reduce the friction of bill payment through accuracy, timeliness and payment simplicity. But we don’t stop there, in order to make life easier we provide end-to-end tenant utility cost management and recover services including:

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – we can replace “dumb” meters to enable automatic meter readings; saving time, manpower and ultimately money
  • Revenue Recovery Reporting – Keep track of how much energy is being used in communal areas, and apportion the cost between tenants fairly
  • Supplier Utility Invoice Validation – Fully automated supplier invoice validation checks help ensure you only pay for the energy that is used

Our services cover all utilities and shared services including electricity, gas, water, heat and even Wi-Fi and other shared service costs. Talk to an expert today …

Residential electricity bill

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