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Utility management solutions for estate management and tenant billing. A system designed to simplify energy management and energy billing for landlords with a portfolio of any size.


  As a private landlord there are always multiple issues to deal with on a day to day basis, however tenant billing shouldn't be one of them. For that reason, EnergyLogix have developed a Landlord Services solution for tenant billing that is simple for both landlord and occupant. 

There are a number of options available to private landlords and their managing agents in order to recharge utilities to their tenants. However, as more tenants are becoming "cost conscious", individual billing/recharging is becoming more in demand. Due to the expense, having a supplier meter fitted into each unit is not usually an option, however there are alternatives that enable tenants just to pay for the energy that they use.

Tenant Sub-Metering and Energy Billing is one solution that has a lot going for it. The system is suitable for both commercial and residential properties. As a result a single system can be utilised in a mixed use property. Likewise it can be installed in a multi site estate, therefore no matter how far apart your sites are, one centralised solution can be used. Furthermore the system is modular in it's design, allowing you to add more more occupant to your estate without buying another billing system. Consequently your initial investment in the system is protected.

The Benefits of Landlord Services

Whilst in contrast to supplier metering, this solution has a low implementation cost and most importantly, allows for full recovery of utility and all running costs. The meters purchased are pre-configured which allows for your local electrician to install them at your convenience. As a result your costs are kept to a minimum. Meter data collection can easily be automated  - this therefore means no more manual meter reading. Consequently saving both time and money, plus it's convenient for the tenants. In addition this solution can be set up to take in data from other services such as gas, WiFi, water etc. so even more convenience with one bill for everything!

If however, you already have an older meter system installed in some or all of your properties you probably won't want to replace all of those meters in one go. This is also another issue that the EnergyLogix system can accommodate. Manual meter readings can be added in place of automated readings and will similarly be added to your tenants bills.

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Tenant billing made easy

Example Electricity Bill

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Commercial Landlords

Simple, effective tenant utility invoicing and management for commercial landlords and managing agents, designed to making life easier.

Residential Landlords

Accurate, timely utility invoicing or pre-payment sub-meters significantly reduce the risk of being left with an unpaid tenant energy bill.

Estate Management

Identify, track and validate savings through a  single, easy to use interface that allows you to manage multiple buildings and multi-utilities through the whole estate.

Tenant Billing

A professional tenant billing service designed to simplify and speed up the process of meter data collection and bill generation for landlords and their managing agents

Revenue Collection

A low-friction, revenue collection service to improve your tenants rental experience and help avoid you being left out-of-pocket through unpaid bills.

Prepayment Meters

A modern energy prepayment meter solution, simple to use for both tenants and landlords alike. Low maintenance without the need for traditional coins, keys or tokens.

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